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At Self Care Catalysts, we're humbled by your trust when you openly and intimately share your life journeys, whether you’re battling illness, waiting for diagnosis, a proper label for symptoms that don't go away, preparing for treatment or anxiously waiting for what could come next. We also understand that while our healthcare providers are there focusing on the right treatment, there are days when you wish you weren’t on it because it interferes with your day-to-day activities. For many of you, having access to clinical trials and credible information is just what you need to enable you to be around for those important milestones in your loved ones’ lives.

It's never anyone's choice to be ill and definitely not your desire to stop working nor be distant from your friends, but the burden of illness gets in the way of living... of going about your normal days. We get it, and so we're determined to empower you with opportunities to enable you to become active participants and decision-makers in your care. 

Health and wellness is your destination, self care is the path to get there.

We are thrilled to provide you, your care partners, providers and researchers with the tools to help us build the Self Care Movement. With the aggregated data that you share with us, we generate insights that matter to you and the way you manage and have control of your disease.  

We believe that when you are informed, you are more engaged with your health.


We invite you to participate, support and drive exciting Self Care MVMT initiatives


Behavior Sprints and Self Care Challenges

Beyond your treatments and other interventions, we understand that there are other things that you're concerned about such as access to other medications, financial support, looking after your emotional health, enhancing your daily life experiences, giving you the chance to win against or at least prepare for the challenges brought about by illness.

Now, you can Do, Learn, Share all ideas and interventions that you believe will help you live your new normal.


Real World Evidence

We all know that about 90% of care happens outside our providers’ clinics, and there are many things we wish they knew but they don't. In between our physician visits, life happens. You sometimes defer treatment or wish you could change it. Now is the time for you to complete your "health stories", to build evidence when you're getting better or worse, why you feel hopeful or uncertain. It's about time that your real life experiences are taken seriously to drive drug development and improve care.

We will bring to you opportunities to finally share how your treatments and interventions are helping you a lot or less, let others know how they can support you on activities that are working for you and most importantly, invite your family and peers to cheer you on from the side.

It is our hope that you will become the creators and builders of the Self Care Movement.


Our Promise To You

By sharing your experience with the Self Care Movement community, you not only invite us into your lives, but you share your health data. We promise that as custodians of your data, we will share the insights that emerge from our analysis when patients’ voices are aggregated, and pass those insights into the hands of decision-makers to advocate for smarter drug development, patient-centered health care and improved patient support programs.


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Do you believe in the power of patients to drive health care decision making? Interested in learning more about the impact of Real World Evidence? Share your questions and goals with us and join the Self Care Movement as a partner or sponsor!