Spring Has Sprung (And Perhaps Your Asthma Symptoms As Well?)

"When I was young I did not understand what caused these episodes. Now that I am older, I know that most events in the body have to do with ’cause’ and ‘effect’. As a result of this knowledge, I have set out to discover the where, what, when, and whys of my asthmatic episodes.

The Asthma App from Health Storylines is a perfect tool to help me accomplish this goal. I have been able to make use of several of the app’s features in order to try to track the causes of my asthmatic episodes, and to keep a record of the symptoms leading up to my attacks. As a result, I have been able to see certain patterns emerge that will hopefully help to prevent, or at least lessen the severity of my future episodes."

This was written by Kristine. See full blog story here.