ADHD Challenge - Oct.2017

The top 3 activities that patients reported feeling well or normal all included interacting with others! Invite someone from your circle of support to participate in an activity this week where you could use their support, or that celebrates a “win” - whether it’s a task or maintaining focus on a bigger project. Let us know what you did, how it went - and what you gained!

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ADHDRenee WillmonComment
SCHIZOPHRENIA Challenge - Oct.2017

Share an activities that contributes most to your daily mood. What are the daily “wins” that make you feel happy? What strategies do you use to go from feeling frustrated to determined? Post an example or a photo that highlights your experience and see what works for others! STRUGGLING WITH YOUR MOOD? Share where you feel stuck.

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The Self Care Movement is a fast growing community, promoting evidence-based self-care among patients and their support networks living with chronic health conditions and rare diseases. Our mission is to ensure patients’ experiences and views are at the center of health care decision making, from the choices of daily living, to decisions around drug discovery and development.

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