Tracking Asthma Symptoms with Health Storylines

Blog by: Jen Lake 

When I talk about being chronically ill, I usually start the story around 2006 when I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation but, I was diagnosed with asthma many years before that. Moving from the moldy, humid, East Coast to the dry desert has made my asthma attacks less frequent but I still suffer from daily asthma symptoms.

It's such a common diagnosis that sometimes, I struggle with remembering how serious asthma can be.

As an adult, I mostly tried to ignore my asthma. Then, during my most recent trip to Mayo Clinic - in January of last year - I had a new test which measures the inflammation within your lungs by measuring nitric oxide. My levels showed severe, uncontrolled, asthma.

Now, I take daily Flovent in addition to my allergy mediations, and I recently obtained a nebulizer for Albuterol in addition to my rescue inhaler. While I am able to track my medication use with PillPack, I’ve been using the Asthma app from Health Storylines to track my symptoms, record vitals, and write down questions for my allergist.  SUNLIGHTANDAIR.COM