The Self-Care Movement Summit Is Coming! See You There...

This is a post by Robert Hawke on Hope. Humour. Heart

Did you know: Laughter reduces stress hormones and cuts the anxiety and stress impacting your body, and may result in higher immune system performance. Laughter is an effective way to practice self-care, and we're excited to show you how during the Self-Care Movement Summit on Monday, June 27!

Author, comedian, actor, and patient advocate Robert Hawke brings something for everyone in his “Taking the Laughter Pill: Humor and the Patient Journey” presentation. Using his own personal experiences battling cancer, coupled with his comedic background; Robert Hawke teaches us how the science of laughter can help change how you feel in an instant by using humor as a tool on your patient journey. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to laugh, learn, and be inspired to add more laughter into your life.