Celebrate World AIDS Day with Positive Living Storylines

This is a post from the folks at Positive Living BC

Maintaining good health with HIV can be difficult, especially because of all the different health regimens involved.  When did you take your last pill? Which pill on which day? When was the last time you exercised? Is your doctor’s appointment today or tomorrow or next week? Sometimes people living with HIV can feel overwhelmed just by trying to stay healthy.  The Positive Living Storylines app can help with a wide range of features right at your fingertips.

There are days when you are not feeling at your best and would like to record that emotion and the reason behind it so that in the future it does not happen again. Inspirational quotes and images can go a long way when you are at your worst. The best way to do all this is to keep a detailed schedule or log that you can refer back to and maintain for the future. Positive Living Storylines is a tool which will create a storyline for your day, making it easier for you to schedule your medication times/days, all your different doctor’s appointments, and much more.

Self care along with many other things relies on organization, memory and maintenance because--without those three important factors—it can be almost impossible to follow a healthy daily routine. We all have such busy lives and to fit in extra health regimens can be very difficult. Connecting with others who are living with HIVS, or who are caring for someone who is affected by the disease, can be a very positive factor in giving us a sense that we are not alone. 

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