In a world where disease divides us, the #selfcaremvmt brings us together. 

Check out the apps below. Share your story. Learn from others. 



Health Storylines™

The team behind the Self Care MVMT have built a suite of apps for you to practice self - care. All the apps are built using the Health StorylinesTM platform. Pick one that’s relevant to a health condition you may suffer from and if you can’t see one on our list below, then download our general all purpose app “Health Storylines”.

The Health Storylines suite of self-care apps makes it easy to record your symptoms, moods, medication, and more to help you manage your total health. Choose what you want to track to build your own health story. This helps you to learn more about your health, and share more with your care team, so you both see the full story.

Below are the available apps from Health Storylines, and they are FREE to download.