Kristy Speaks, Winner of Self Care MVMT Design Challenge 


"Your company enables individuals to manage their medical treatment and care...this is why my go to is [the Schizophrenia Health Storylines app] as well as the tools and resources that are offered for managing my chronic illness."

It all started in June when Kristy Speaks submitted her tool idea for the Schizophrenia Health Storylines App, created in partnership with SARDAA. 

Kristy hails from Drumright, Oklahoma and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia right after she completed her Masters degree. 

We are excited to bring Kristy and her husband to Toronto next month (October) during Mental Health Awareness Week to help shed light on the importance of putting the person before the patients. She is the boss of her illness and should be the one in charge of her own health (and in charge of our design teams direction as it relates to her tool!)