International Women's Day - Pass It On

Think about the women in your life. Go for it. Take a long think.

Maybe you’re thinking about your mother? Your grandmother? Your aunt? Your daughter? Your lover? Your g-d mother? Perhaps a woman who is know longer here?

It’s perhaps, in this moment, that you might be reminded of what they’ve done for you - big or small; and with each thought, you’re blown away by their boundless love and sometimes feel guilty for never being able to fully match up (or so you think).

For me, on International Women’s Day, I think about all the fearless women in my life and the memories I’ve shared. Like the first time I rode in the front seat of my mom’s blue car, bouncing with excitement as my pigtails flopped around, on route to my dance recital; my trip to the art gallery with my mom’s best friend when my mother was sick in the hospital who just came and rescued me; I think of the time my sister made me jump out of a plane for my 25th birthday and the story of how she saw my eyes roll to the back of my head and how I disappeared into the sky chanting “what have I done” in her head; I think about the long distance relationship I have with my best friend overseas and how despite distances, our bond continues to grow deeper and our lives remain parallel; I also think about my partner's mother and the strength she carries daily, especially during one of the hardest moments of her life and I think about my mentors, each with their own characteristics, all trying to make me a stronger, more confident me; The kind of women who stands up for herself, isn’t afraid to flaunt what she has (shake what your momma gave you!) and who gives themselves the permission to feel what they need to feel despite of what others may say.   

I also think about the women of the past who will inspire the women of the future. The women who my children may never come to know but will lovingly remember them through memory. There is that hope that my children, the women in my circle, will embody some of the things from women of the past. Forever. That is what we can do for them.

Happy International Women’s Day. Pass it on.