Self-Care and...Pokemon Go?

This is a post by Sandra Rotholc, a psycho-sexual therapist based in Toronto.

I have been hearing a lot of hype about the new Pokemon Go game, which was created by Nintendo.  An interactive mobile game.

The excitement over this new game is fascinating to me. 

Why is it that people are getting so excited about looking for pokemon creatures? I think it is because it is just that – something new.  People in our society are craving for connections.  I love when technology allows us an opportunity to interact and feel happy. 
The meaning behind pokemon allows people to move about the city they live in, get acknowledged by others and have a common goal.  Hmmm, doesn’t that sound similar to an intimate relationship. 

Creating and sustaining an intimate relationship can be healthy and fun, just like catching pokemon creatures. There is a sense of satisfaction that occurs. An intimate relationship can give people a chance to reduce stress, be playful, share thoughts and experience something new. I believe that people can suffer from not wanting. We have to jog our memories and want more. 

Whether is it the craze of pokemon or reading 50 Shades of Gray, I think the same is true, people are searching, always searching for ways to connect and talk to other people.  
I challenge everyone to go outside, look about, talk about pokemon creatures, find your passion and reframe your stress.  Remind yourself that you have choice to help your mind and body find some ease from the stressors of daily life!

Sandra Rotholc