Emotional Self-Care Just As Important As Physical Self-Care

This is a post by Elizabeth Pain on UnbrokenSmile

Emotional Self-Care Just As Important As Physical Self-Care ~ When faced with a chronic illness or chronic pain condition I have found emotional self-care is just as important as physical self-care. Things like making time for self-reflection, psychotherapy, writing in a journal, stress relief, mindfulness, learning new things, spending time with loved ones, affirmations, allowing yourself to cry, finding things that make you laugh, play a big role in acceptance and inner strength.

One thing I have found extremely important for emotional self-care since being diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 6 1/2 years ago by keeping a journal. I truly enjoy writing and found it quite therapeutic. I enjoyed it so much that is why I created this site. Something about writing allows me to be honest with myself and also allows me to get what I’m feeling out, so I can deal and accept things that I may have bottled up or feel I have no control over. I also found by teaching myself how to create this site has given me a sense of control back and a sense or accomplishment. I love learning all the ins and outs of blogging and it has given me a glimpse of purpose back, which I believe has helped me emotionally. Another thing I do for emotional self-care is when I’m feeling sad or my pain is high, I like to watch funny YouTube videos or go on Pinterest and look at funny pictures. I found a good laugh can go a long way.

Recently I started using the Health Storylines app for physical self-care, but I quickly realized I could use it for emotional self-care as well. I was super excited to start using the My Journal tool. I love that it gives me a topic to choose from or I can just write my own. The options on this app seem endless! I really am enjoying using the Daily Moods tool too, I can look back and see if anything may have triggered my mood for that day and why. I think my favorite option and an option I absolutely fell in love with, is the Healthy Doses tool. When I’m feeling down or need a quick pick me up, I can click on this feature and it gives me an encouraging picture and quote and sometimes that’s all that’s need when battling a chronic illness…something to encourage you when your feeling defeated. We all know pain can be relentless and this option provides a quick source of strength. This free app has helped me so much, it makes my life so simple and organized. Everything I was keeping track of separately is now in one convenient place, that I can take along wherever I may go.

If you’re battling a chronic illness or chronic pain condition I would highly recommend the Health Storylines app. It offers so many unique options that I have not found on other apps. I know I will be using this app for physical self-care and emotional self-care for a very long time. I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

What have you found helpful for emotional self-care while battling an chronic illness or chronic pain condition? Please leave us a comment in the section below.