Heart Failure Society of America and Self Care Catalystst Self Care Design Tool Challenge for Health Professionals and Patients: Process & Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in participating in this challenge. Your efforts will contribute to the health journey of patients living with heart disease. Please see below for details on the process for this design challenge.


IDEATION You know yourself and your patient’s needs best. So the best way to come up with an idea is to test out the HFSA Health Storylines Self-Care app and think about an additional tool that would help you or your patients manage their health journey.

As you do this, think about some of the challenges faced with regards to managing heart disease and propose ideas on how self-care (including medical and pharmacological therapy) can help you/ your patient cope and manage these challenges.

COMMUNITY SHARING Share with family and friends that you designed a tool via email or social media. If you have social media, encourage your friends and family to like, share and comment on your post to increase your chances of winning. Make sure to tag @SelfCareMvmt and @HFSA

COLLABORATE & INNOVATE If you win (and when you win!) you will be invited to collaborate with the Self Care Catalysts (SCC) team to fully develop your self – care ideas or concepts. This collaboration will take place through a combination of web-conferencing and working in-person with the team (consisting of product designers, engineers, and health researchers) either in Toronto or your local city. Participants will also be offered a stipend of $1000 each, which you can either keep or donate back HFSA.

PROMOTION Self Care Catalysts will help to propel these self-care programs forward through the HFSA Storylines app, as well as develop campaigns to promote them to other patients and health professionals in the community.

THE GOAL Opening this challenge to the patient and health professional community with real experiences of what it’s like to live with heart disease will result in rich learning opportunities on what truly matters to patients and their health care professionals. We want to enable patients and health professionals to have a voice in creating solutions that will ultimately impact the way they and their peers/ patients manage their condition. 

Ideally, this challenge will yield tangible self-care solutions that can integrate into the business of potential sponsors from the healthcare industry, moving patient-generated ideas forward. 

EVALUATION CRITERIA Evaluation is based on four criteria. It will be analyzed by Self Care Catalysts and the Heart Failure Society of America.

Categories include human centered experience, inclusiveness, impact on health outcomes and whether or not the idea can be implemented. Each category will be rated out of 5.  Winner of the HFSA Self Care Challenge will be featured in launch announcements of the app and will receive $1000 of which they can donate back to HFSA.

  1. Experience-based and human-centered experiences:

    a) For the Health Professional: Ideas should stem from your experiences treating patients with heart disease. b) For the Patient: Your ideas will come from personal experience living with heart disease; allowing us to begin from a point of empathy in creating solutions.
  2. Inclusiveness:
    We understand that each person’s self-care needs are unique. However, we value ideas that can benefit all heart disease patients.

  3. Impact on Health Outcomes and Personal Goals:
    What is it that you want to accomplish? What kind of impact will it have on your patient’s day-to-day, short term or long-term health and personal goals? 

  4. Implement-abilitY
    The self-care program will be delivered to patients through a mobile health app. Will your ideas translate well into content that can be implemented through a digital medium? Can they be implemented within a reasonable time frame? 

Are you interested in collaborating on research projects? If so, please contact Elise Kayfetz at elise@selfcarecatalysts.com

The Heart Failure Design Challenge is in partnership with the Heart Failure Society of America


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