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p.s. You could win a chance to work with us for 2 weeks to develop your self-care tool, and a stipend of $1,000!* With your help, we will work together to develop a self-care tool that will be delivered directly through the Health Storylines mobile health app, to support patients caring for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 


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Winner of the September Self Care Design Challenge. Kristy will be flying to Toronto from her hometown in Oklahoma to work with our team to develop a tool for individuals with schizophrenia. 

The Process


We are calling on people living with any type of chronic illness to share their perspectives on some of the challenges they face with regards to managing a long-term, chronic  illness, and to propose ideas on how self-care (including medical and pharmacological therapy) can help them cope and manage these challenges. 


Our SELFCAREMVMT advisory panel will review all ideas based on the evaluation criteria to come up with a shortlist of the top 10 ideas. Deadline: Rolling


Post on your social media accounts that you designed a tool and encourage your friends and family to like, share and comment on your post to increase your chances of winning! Make sure to tag @SelfCareMVMT


The owners of the Self Care ideas will be invited to collaborate with the Self Care Catalysts team for 2 weeks to fully develop their self-care ideas or concepts into a self-care program that can be delivered through a mobile health app. This collaboration will take place through a combination of web-conferencing, and working in-person with the team (consisting of product designers, engineers, and health researchers) either in Toronto, Canada or in your local city. Participants will also be offered a stipend of $1,000 each. 


With the fully executed ideas, Self Care Catalysts will help to propel these self-care programs forward through the Health Storylines suite of health apps, as well as develop campaigns to promote them to other patients. 

The Goal

Opening this challenge to the patient community with real experiences of what it’s like to live with a chronic illness will result in rich learning opportunities on what truly matters to patients. We want to enable patients to have a voice in creating solutions that will ultimately impact the way they and their peers manage their condition. 

Ideally, this challenge will yield tangible self-care solutions that can integrate into the business of potential sponsors from the healthcare industry, propelling patient-generated ideas forward. 

Evaluation Criteria

Experience-based and human-centred

We value ideas that stem from your personal experience with dealing with a chronic illness. This allows us to begin from a point of empathy in creating solutions based on input from the potential end-users. Innovation begins with you!


We understand that each person’s self-care needs are unique. However, we value ideas that can benefit not only yourself, but your peers as well.

Impact on Health Outcomes and Personal Goals

What is it that you want to accomplish? What kind of impact will it have on your day to day, short term or long term health and personal goals? 


The self-care program will be delivered to patients through a mobile health app. Will your ideas translate well into content that can be implemented through a digital medium? Are the costs associated with your self-care idea reasonable? Can they be implemented within a reasonable time frame? 


Terms and Conditions

All Ideas submitted will become the property of Self Care Catalysts Inc. Only participants chosen to be pursued by Self Care Catalysts will be contacted. Self Care Catalysts will choose the ideas to be evaluated based on their sole discretion. Contest entrants with ideas that are chosen to participate after the Evaluation Stage will be contacted via email, and will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before proceeding.

If selected as a Winner (after the Community Voting stage) and in consideration for receipt of the Prize (opportunity to work with the Self Care Catalysts team for 2 weeks, and $1,000 stipend), each individual participant an eligible winning submission will be required to enter into an agreement (the “IP Assignment”) with Self Care Catalysts whereby they agree to:

  1. Assign and transfer to Self Care Catalysts, all right, title and interest throughout the world and in perpetuity in and to the Idea, including the full worldwide copyright therein and the right to create derivative works which modify or alter the Idea in any manner of form whatsoever; and

  2. Waive in favour of Self Care Catalysts all moral rights, authors’ rights or rights of a like kind in the Idea.

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